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Finally, after months of preparation, we bring you our first experiment in providing awesome music for free from our favorite artists and bands. Here’s the first of hopefully many compilations with tracks hand picked from each contributing band, and even a few exclusive tracks only found on this album!

Seriously, we’re really proud of this. Chances are, you’ve heard at least a few of these bands and probably even own their albums with the songs included on this compilation. Hopefully you’ll download for the bands you do know and stay for the bands you’re about to discover. We’ve included bands from all over Colorado and we’re elated to have our friends from Las Vegas, Be Like Max, contribute two awesome tracks to an already fierce collection.


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The track listing is as follows:

1. Piercing The Icewall/ The Windermeres
2. Love it or leave It/ The Repercussions
3. Gasoline/ The Ghoulies
4. Get Over It/ Be Like Max
5. O’ Dear Youth/ American Mourning
6. Right Now/ Disguise the Spy
7. Bitches (Drunk Cat Session)/ Nasty Bunch of Bitches
8. Clam-Baked Car/ The A-OKs
9. Dinner at the Hunt Club/ Head Injuries
10. Mountain Standard Time/ Landlocked
11. Mindless Escapism/ Party Boys of the Century
12. She’s Great/ Be Like Max
13. I See it All/ The Repercussions
14. In Case You Haven’t Heard/ The Windermeres
15. You Versus the World/ Disguise the Spy
16. Getting Older/ Party Boys of the Century
17. Keys to my Vagina (Drunk Cat Sessions)/ Nasty Bunch of Bitches
18. The Timeless Art of Seduction/ American Mourning
19. Lurk Alert/ Head Injuries
20. Grenade Gun/ The Ghoulies

All songs and rights to said songs belong to their respective bands and artists. Tracks remastered by the immortal Chris Grassello.


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